Friday, 14 March 2014

Day 28: The Expat's Wife

I've always wondered what it's like to be an expat's wife.

Where I used to live, River Valley, has a huge expat community. I would always see the Expats' Wives in their gym clothes every morning. I would see them at the gym by 9 am; At Toast Box or Starbucks having coffee with friends by 10 am and at Cold Storage by 11 am. I would see a number of them having afternoon tea by 3 pm.

I used to envy that life. I had to work so hard to bring my ass to Singapore and to get a nice house in that area. And yet I could only enjoy what they enjoy once or thrice a year, mostly on my birthdays or long weekends (which are ever so rare in Singapore).

On my last day, I went to go for a walk by the river and check out the vibe.  Sure enough there were expats' wives having coffee with their friends and yes, in gym clothes.

Speaking of the river, this is my favorite spot! I used to walk from my house just to grab a coffee at Kith. 

Anyway, I'm sure its tough to be an expat's wife. I know that their husbands are traveling or working late a lot and they're left alone to deal with the important family matters. 

It's also tough to be alone in a new country. It's even tougher when your husband divorces you! I heard many stories especially from expats in Thailand.

But for what it's worth, I still think it's a wonderful experience, being an expat's wife! not being divorced!

If I get to be an expat's wife what will I do?


I haven't thought about it actually.

But the opportunities are endless!!!

1. I can start a Juice Detoxing business and sell to my new community!
2.  A wine tasting club and sell wines?
3.  Study a foreign language and hang out with whoever actually speaks the language? Spanish perhaps?
4. Make friends with a local and be invited to all their holidays!
5. Host dinner parties
6. Explore the new country
7. Be active in the gym!
8. Host play dates

It's always easier to do these things in other countries where other people are also hungry for companionship. In your home country, everyone is so busy with their own lives.

I have learned that when you are not in your comfort zone, you are willing to learn new things and meet new friends.

Ahhh the dreams and delusions!

Still on Pause,



  1. Being in a foreign country isn't easy specially since I hardly speak the language but I think I have actually become a little bit friendlier than I used to be :) number 4 on your list is always fun!

    1. I notice I seem friendlier when I'm out of the country. But I should've made friends with a local family in sg. My greatest regret I'd have to say