Thursday, 3 April 2014

Day 48: The Mistress Experience

Have you seen the movie ,"The Mistress"?

It is a story of a seamstress who has a love affair with an older man, who is also the  father of her suitor.

When I watched that movie, it was my first time to see a shop that specializes on suits for men. Before that I've only seen suits off the rack or suits done by wedding coutouriers.  

I had that experience today. 

No! Not having to deal with a mistress but going to a suits atelier.

Tiño is a shop near my home.  Their Master Cutter, Napoleon Arienza has been specializing in custom made suits or BESPOKE suits for over 20 years. I've read somewhere that he worked for Brioni Suits which is a brand known to have dressed James Bond himself. I don't know if this is true or an urban legend. 

What I do know is that Tiño” was the exclusive tailor of President Joseph Estrada during his term in office. He also made suits for Bong Bong Marcos and the Araneta Family.
So S felt very confident that he is in "good hands" and that he won't look like a penguin on his special day.

I was quite happy as well that he also got a good experience in preparing for his "outfit". Before we went to Tiño, we went to Zegna and Hugo Boss and their choices were just so limited.  Whereas in Tiño, they helped him make choices and suggested on what is the best fabric and style for him.
We are quite excited for his first fitting! I'm sure he will feel like John Lloyd. Feel Lang.

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