Sunday, 27 April 2014

Semana Santa

Oh my gulay, I'm so tired from planning this wedding. I feel it has been forever since I last wrote something not wedding related. Seriously it's no longer fun planning this thing! The internet creates pressure to the creativity-challenged brides, like me.


I miss the silence of Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Iloilo. Ever since I got back after Easter, I've been so busy with the wedding preps.

In Iloilo, weddings are simple and life is generally laid back.  In fact,  life is so laid back that locals actually look forward to Semana Santa. Not to rest but to CELEBRATE the culmination of Cuaresma, or Lent.

Perhaps, we are not as stressed as the city folks.  Maybe, we don't really need to go to the beach and relax. For one thing, we can just take the bus and we are in Boracay within 4 hrs. And there are beaches nearby as well.

When I was still working, I wouldn't able to make it home for cuaresma. I was just too tired to travel. And if do make it home, I sleep.

Not this time!

I did manage to join MOST of the Semana Santa Itinerary.

The highlight of my Semana Santa is the procession. I know it seems really odd to enjoy the Pasion of Christ but its fun to walk around the city with my family (and the entire population) from dusk til night. It's like a more somber version of the dagyang.

My dad sponsors a caro, "The Nazareno" or the Black Nazarene. My mom said, he actually wanted the "Last Supper" but there is a superstition that it's the CARO that will come to you. So one day, an old lady approached him and asked him if he wants to sponsor the Nazareno and he has been doing it ever since.

Unfortunately, I missed  the Soledad procession this year because I had to look for old baby photos for my wedding. The procession of Soledad represents search of Mary for the body of Jesus and it starts around 9 pm.

I also missed the Du-aw or the kissing of the Santo Entierro, the statue of the dead Jesus. I did manage to watch as they brought the statue inside the church. Notice that the head is covered because most people go crazy and grab the hair. 

They believe that a lock of hair from the Santo Entierro can help cure illness.

So... they grab the flowers instead. It's pure chaos!

Semana Santa is really a time for Ilonggo families to spend time together. We don't go to the beach with our friends.

 As sacrilegious  as it may sound, these religious activities give us the opportunity to "hang out" with our parents and relatives. And also to eat a lot of BINGKA!

I look forward to spending Semana Santa with my HUSBAND next year :)

Still On Pause,


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