Thursday, 17 April 2014

Day 62: Life in my Bukid

The Sources of Pleasure have drastically changed because of technology. ;)

And  I'm referring to more wholesome pleasures on a lazy afternoon!

I'm so surprised that kids nowadays spend more time tapping away on their tablets rather than playing outdoors. I was SHOCKED when I found out my niece doesn't know how to play PICO. THE HORROR!!

Her eye-hand coordination and balance were so undeveloped compared to me and her parents!

And so, the theme for today was the SIMPLE PLEASURES OF THE PAST. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, nothing virtual.

People seem to have forgotten that it doesn't take much to have fun and to make happy memories.

1. Do you remember the last time you played a traditional/ outdoor game with your family? 

2. Sometimes you don't really need to go anywhere expensive to enjoy a cup of coffee. It's amazing how a cup transforms when you have good company

3. Fruits taste so much better if you actually climbed a tree to get them

4. If you are hungry from playing and climbing trees, a packet of instant noodles tastes so much better than pasta from a michelin restaurant.

I'm so happy to have retired ! I seem to have forgotten how much fun life is in the bukid.

Still on Pause,


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