Thursday, 10 April 2014

Day 55: Which HIMYM Character Are You Quiz

"Have You Met Ted?" 

This is the famous line of Barney when he is playing Ted's wingman.
Obviously, I'm still processing the unexpected finale of HIMYM. I'm such a loser, right?!

So, to deal with the short life of Tracy,  we went back to Season 1.  However, instead of finding closure, I started asking myself if I found my "Ted?"  And more importantly, "Am I his Tracy?"

Ted represents that guy who will do anything to make you happy. I sincerely hope that every girl gets to date a "Ted" atleast once in her life... if only to have good memories to keep her sane if she unfortunately ends up with a Barney.

As we were watching, S said, "You're such a Robin" . This made me quite sad because Ted ended up with Tracy and Tracy is such a awesome person. She's understanding, supportive and sweet. Despite her limited  airtime, audience grew immensely fond of her to the point that they went on an upheaval when the show's creators killed her in the finale. 

Robin, on the other hand, is career driven, classy,  resilient, funny, boyish and cool.  Her job has turned her into a citizen of the world.  Her greatest flaw is her being commitment phobic. It's hard to imagine Robin being romantic. It's almost painful to watch her giddy.

1.5 months ago, I would humbly admit to being a ROBIN. 10 years ago, I would even proudly own up to it.

I remember that a guy had flowers delivered while I was attending a national debate assembly. That freaked me out. I wasn't attracted to him.

Another guy  went to my office to bring me brownies. That also freaked me out. Looking back, I should have had the decency to go out and meet him in the lobby. Afterall, he came all the way from Quezon City,  bought the brownies in Taft and personally delivered them to my office in UN Ave. 

One guy visited me in Iloilo, I didn't hang out with him because I just found the gesture too big for a suitor to make.

Yet another, followed me all the way to HK and gave me a nice bracelet while we were watching the fireworks. I hid in my aunt's house the next day.

My Ex was also a "TED". I remembered that one time, he fell in line at 5 am to save me a spot.  I arrived 9 am just in time for the embassy to open. I unceremoniously thanked him after that. 

So yes, I WAS a Robin. Note the emphasis on the WAS.

Now, I would like to think that S and I are in a "Marshall and Lily Type of relationship". We have fights, laughs and career conflicts but we are also a very cheesy couple, complete with pet names that I would rather keep to myself. I also now extend more of myself in the the relationship.
Last Valentines, I had got him a huge card, a big red balloon and a big red pack of Doritos. And the valentines befor that!

S, when we started dating, was clearly a Ted. During one of his many trips to visit me in Singapore, he left post it's all over my apartment. There was a post-it on the ref, where he left me some food. There was a post-it on my cabinet to remind me to take vitamins. There was a post it on the couch where he left me a gift, a wallet, because he noticed that my wallet then was falling apart.

For 7 months he visited me every month in Singapore and each visit as memorable as the one above.

For 1.5 years he picked me up from work every single day, driving a binondo- makati route during rush hour. 

S joined me in several  business trips because he wanted to be with me. He joined me on my trip to Spain because he knows I am so paranoid of the movie taken.

S is not perfect in the same respect that Ted has flaws. We are not a perfect couple.  We do not have a Disney-like relationship. We have fights, some intensely emotional, some hilarious. Our fight last saturday was so funny that my brother felt it should've been an episode in HIMYM.  But these fights create opportunities to strengthen and improve our relationship. These fights allow us to open up about our fears and frustrations. These fights teach us how to handle difficult situations.

Watching these re runs made me realize that I am so blessed to be marrying S. It would be pity if I don't change my "Robin" ways. I'm so lucky to be getting a Ted and Marshall in one package. 

To check my transformation, S made me take a quiz. My result is a pleasant surprise!

And S.. He is 30% a Ted, 27%a Marshall and 23% a Robin. phew! A little bit schizophrenic but atleast no barnacle lurking inside him!

Take the quiz and find our which HIMYM character you are too! 

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