Sunday, 13 April 2014

Day 58: Guide To Ordering in Tatoy's

Sundays in Iloilo are usually spent eating in the beach area with the family.

One of our favorite restaurants is TATOY's. OFCOURSE!!!!  There's a saying that you haven't been to Iloilo if you haven't eaten at Tatoy's. That's very true!

For those planning to visit my lovely city, make sure schedule lunch or dinner in this restaurant  and make sure you order the following dishes.

Grilled Porkchop

There secret is in the marinade. There is nothing in the Philippines that taste anywhere close to ilonggo version. 

Native Chicken
Mama said the unique flavor is from the tamarind leaves
But the chicken is already flavorful as it is. This is the same type of chicken used in cooking tinola.

Kinilaw na Tanigue

We love our seafood here in Iloilo. We have a lot of coastal towns so we always get the freshest catch.

Sinugba na Managat


Unlike Cebu, we like our lechon with sauce.
Althought I'd have to concede with the other foodies in saying that Cebu makes better lechon. 
So feel free to skip this.


Oysters are extremely cheap in Iloilo. A plate is less than 100 bux. 

And we enjoy all these delicious food in a very casual setting.  It's even okay to eat with your hands!

Hope to see visit Iloilo soon!

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