Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Day 60: The Ilonggo Breakfast

Before there were international and local coffee chains in Iloilo, there was (and still is) MADGE coffee shop. 

Located inside La Paz Public Market, MADGE has been part of Ilonggo mornings for many decades. Politicians convene here to campaign and discuss public affairs with the masses. Locals from all walks of life meet up with friends and make chika over a cup of  coffee.

My family are such regulars that we even have our own cups. Here's mine with my Real Name on it!

If you do get to visit Iloilo, please do not miss this place! If you are sooshyal, I suggest you treat this as an immersion. It's not chichi, so be prepared to rough it up a bit.

As a coffee drinker, I can tell you that the coffee here is top notch! They prepare it the traditional way, using a sackcloth bag as filter. It's similar to the "silk-stocking" method used to prepare Singaporean kopi or HK milk tea.

Once you have ordered your coffee ( get the one with milk), order the following items:

1. Bihun or beehoon

2. Tostada na Pandesiosa and Estrellado na itlog
like my Estrellado with banana ketchup then I dip my bread into the yolk.
Most  people order their Pandesiosa toasted and with margarine.

3. Puto

4. Laswa

Yes some people eat Lawsa with rice in the morning. This is papa's "usual".
Laswa (or law-uy in Cebuano) is a common household soup dish in visayas. It doesn't really go with the lunch menu I recommeded so if you want to try it, breakfast may be a good time to do that.

5. Batchoy!

And because MADGE is inside La Paz public market, you can ask the waitress to get you a bowl of lapaz batchoy from the restaurants that started it all. You can choose from Deco's, Ted's or Netong's. I personally like Deco's.

I didn't order a bowl today. Maybe tomorrow.

After your heavy breakfast, go around the market and get yourself some fruits!

Iloilo is the best place to sleep-eat-sleep-eat. I'm starting to feel guilty.

Still on Pause,


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