Sunday, 24 January 2016

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate To Cure Cough?

My husband said my cough is called " Chin" or cold. I should cure it by eating "dyet/diat" food. He came to this conclusion because I only coughed at night. 

Until I got married, I never really took the concept of "yin and yang" into account when I got sick.

I believe my cough and runny nose were both caused by viral infection. I was certain I caught it while I was in the lab. The lab was so cold and filled with sick people. It was systemic.

Anyway, my husband told me to drink hot chocolate before going to bed. I'd be crazy to refuse chocolate. A "medical excuse" to eat or drink chocolate is a hall pass to sin.

I made myself a cup of Swiss Miss. I should've skipped the marshmallows but my husband marshmallows are good for sore throat. Whatt??!!! Weird science!!!

The next day, I did feel better. 

So, I guess maybe it's not all hullabaloo afterall.

Getting better,


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  1. This is true, i believe in diyet and chin concept. Its hard to explain to people that are not chinese though....I am diyet so I need to make sure when i eat chocolates chips I drink a lot of water..or else I get sore throat. My nose used to bleed a lot when I was young and it is because Im a diyet kind of person hehe-K