Tuesday, 5 January 2016

MOVIE REVIEW: Walang Forever

It was so weird that on our anniversary we watched "Walang Forever".

We were in Glorietta last night and  we couldn't decide  where to eat. So, we figured we would just grab a burger and watch a movie, just like old times.

Since, "Walang Forever" got a lot of good reviews, we chose this over all the other MMFF entries. My husband is not a big fan of Pinoy slapstick comedies and I'm not a big fan of horror.

I won't do an elaborate movie review since I'm not a movie critic but I wish to do a quick and dirty summary of what I personally think.

1. The Screenplay was very well writen.
Honestly, it's rare to find a Filipino movie with a serious plot but cleverly tempered with comedic execution. Bihira ang SERIOUS Pinoy movie that has commercial appeal. Period! Kaya nga those that achieve such goals ( Like, That Thing Called Tadhana) are catapulted to epic status.
The writers of "Walang Forever" weaved a witty dialogue among the leads and supporting cast to the point that the ending almost became an unexpected twist.
I also love the overall premise of the story. It's dramatic yet not too heavy and very relatable to the new generation's concept of a relationship.

2. Great Supporting Cast
I was particularly impressed with the comedic timing of Jerald Napoles and Pepe Herrera. Actually, they were all good but these two caught my attention.
Ang simple ang linya nila pero sa delivery talaga ung impact.

3. Chemistry between Jericho and Jennylyn
They were very natural and believable even if hindi sila love team.Echo is a natural in flirting, as in nakakakilig ang confidence.
Both of them have the maturity and the chemistry to be convincing in their roles.

4. There were a few misses in editing.
Personally, I feel that during the interview with Phoemela Baranda, they could've skipped the parallelism to real life. 
This is to heighten the reveal when Echo watched all the movies. It felt redundant because they already showed it at the start.
There were also scenes that could've been shorter but they were prolonged (for a few minutes lang naman) and often accompanied with no scoring or no dialogue. My husband found some parts dragging but I suppose those were necessary to make a point na awkward or nakakainip ang situation. 

5. Scoring
There were some editing issues that could have been easily addressed with musical scoring. 

Overall, it is a very good story! I love the cast and their clever lines!  Let me know what you think.

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  1. I'm a fan of the writer and the director as well. If you've seen their previous work - the secondary casts are their *suki* - theater actors na hindi mashado sikat pero may POWER ang acting diba?

    I loved the movie. It made me think of it as a Korean-ish movie. Ganon sila kasi eh.. mahilig sa may surprise sa dulo - pero how the story was told, yung bits and parts na dahan dahan na nirereveal - nakakatuwa for me.

    i'm not a fan of jennylyn BUT magaling siya ha.. and MAGANDA! Si Echo, gwapo talaga... magaling siya mag (you got the right term) *flirt* on screen.

    I liked the parallelism sa real life.. cute siya for me..

    Yung co-writer is the one who did That thing Called Tadhana and is currently one of the directors of #OTWOL. Siya rin director ng All you need is pagibig.

    maganda siya. I like how the movie felt.
    It's not a rom-com. pero romcom na may kurot sa puso. I cried .. hahaha!! But I felt good after. Narealize ko after watching the movie, na i love Panget nga. O diba? Hahahaha!!

    Love, Didi