Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Message to Women Trying To Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant was not easy for me. Read about it Here

If you have been trying for a year already and you still have not conceived, you must really consider going to a specialist.

A woman's body is a wonderland. As in. It can do so many great things but so many things can also go wrong.

In my case, it was an over-active hormone that was even related or close to my reproductive region. But it still caused my infertility. Thankfully, it was addressed through medicines.

Thyroid can also affect fertility or cause miscarriages.

Obesity and sugar can also prevent a woman from getting pregnant.

Low estrogen can inhibit production of eggs and affect ovulation.

Low progesterone, even with ovulation, can prevent embedding.

Blocked Fallopian tubes can prevent sperm and egg from meeting.

An acidic environment can  kill weak sperms.

The woman's immune system can also kill sperms. This is called APAS.

There are really so many hormonal and physical factors that can affect one's chances to conceive. I highly suggest going to a SPECIALIST rather than waste time trying.

At some point, sex will become unexciting if the goal is to conceive. And every month that you wait not knowing why nothing is not happening is very frustrating.

When we found out what was wrong, we knew that there is a very high chance that we would not conceive during that cycle. So, with no pressure, my husband's sperms were happier and more willing to hang around.

I think pressure kills sperms too. I think men in general don't react well to pressure and every part of them functions the same way.

Frustration from lack of knowledge plus pressure from parents and society are perhaps the worst combination.  

I think pressuring a couple to get pregnant is the best contraceptive!

In fact, when I couldn't conceive, I made extra effort to look like a slut. Just to make a point that we actually have sex for fun. With my cleavage in their face, old Chinese people can't even begin to imagine me as a fit mother, so they stop asking.

That was a good defense mechanism. It worked. You should try it if you also hate being asked.

If you want to get reco for a specialist,  don't hesitate to send me a message. Lastly, don't close your doors to IVF. I have many friends who did IVF and they are now very happy moms.

There is always hope.

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