Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Strange Guest...

We invited a few people to our home a couple of months ago. One guest decided to take herself for a tour. She went into our bedrooms and even our bathroom  in the masters.

Now,  I know I have a small flat and maybe she got bored in our small living room.... But I found it really rude and intrusive that she went into our bedroom and our bathroom without my invitation.

I have thrown several dinners in my house in Singapore and most of my guests then were expats. I never had this experience. Usually my guests would just stay in the dining table and chat with each other.

When I go into other people's home, I just sit down and I never explore their homes without an invitation. Even when I go to my in-laws, I never go into the private rooms. Mostly, I just watch TV.

Anyway, such a minor thing but I was really thrown off. Needless to say, I am now hesistant to have her in my home again.

What do you think?




  1. I feel you and share the same thoughts. -K

  2. May mga tao lang talaga na walang boundaries. Is this guest an elder, female relative (not parents) ?

    Sa family ko kasi, I feel that my aunts are potentially obtrusive/chismosa and that if they had the opportunity to come stay in the house, they'd be the ones to snoop.

    Friends-wise, when we hosted our group's christmas party last december, people were very curious about our place since it was the first time they were over since we moved. They did ask us if we could do a tour for them, which we did (expected na rin naman namin and we did plan to offer to show them around the house if they didn't ask). But for the rest of the party, I did lock our master bedroom - not because I expected people to snoop but I didn't want kids to play in our room, may ibang kwarto naman na pwede nilang hang-out-an.

    1. Younger than me by 5 years! Di ba! Na shock ako. Never again!