Wednesday, 6 January 2016

My Pregancy Pillows: Tempur and Mamaway

Ever since  my belly got a bit bigger, I could no longer lie flat on my stomach. I have to lie on my side. I was initally not used to this sleeping position. As a result, I started getting neck strains.

My husband got me a tempur pillow and I swear, the next day my week-old stiff neck was gone. No joke.

So apparently there's a reason why some people pay a premium for Tempur. In our case, my husband paid 7,000 php for one SYMPHONY PILLOW.  At first I was really upset that he bought it but after my neck strain immediately disappeared, I ate my words.

To make lying on my side more comfortable, I also use a Mamaway Memosorb maternity and nursing pillow. I use it as my "yakap".

I have so many sleeping gears now! Well, I also sleep 8-12 hours a day and I'm loving every minute of it...sleeping that is.

There's really a pillow for pregnancy but I didn't buy it na because its huge and it'll be useless after I give birth. So we just made certain adjustments, for tipid sake.

Where to buy:

Tempur Pillow

Tempur BGC

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Mamaway Pillow

Mamaway at Shangrila Mall
Online at

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