Saturday, 16 January 2016


I deactivated my Facebook account because people I really don't care about, keep trying to get my attention by tagging me. It's really annoying. Even if I don't approve  it, I still see what they are up to because there is a prompt for reject or approve tags.

I really don't get it why people tag me when I'm not even in the picture....

It's like a virtual way of saying. "Look at me!" It's so KSP.

So, I have been off Facebook for 2 weeks now and in amazed with how much extra time i got out of it. I think we don't notice it but the time we spend in Facebook really adds up!

It actually feels very liberating!

Loving silence and not a care in the world,



  1. It's so cool of you to just deactivate your fb account because of the unwanted tagging.

    I know someone who accused people of stalking her on fb (medyo nagkaroon ng conflict about something else and then nadamay na lang ang fb) and when I was being told about it afterwards, all i could think about was how this girl posts about every single thing that happens to her! Kulang na lang pati utot nya, i post nya and if she does, I wouldn't even be surprised. Hindi naman stalking yun kasi she makes herself so available online.


    1. Naguguluhan ako sa extended family ko in Iloilo. Even if ang layo ko, i don't know pano ako napapasok sa mga usapan and issue nila. Since I really don't attend anything or comment on anything, they manage to tag me pa to get my attention on issues, I really don't wish to be involved in. Ewan ko ba why they assume I care! Hay nako.

      And, most of the time..corney na mga post ng mga tao dun kaya I unfollow na rin. I especially hate ung mga quotes na walang connection sa picture/selfie. Mga "moving on" posts ba. I think yan ung mga things you just say to yourself.

    2. There are posts which annoy me too - don't get me started on those invites to play games or to share game lives. Sobrang nakakainis, buti na lang pwede i block yung app or yung tao :) Isa sa mga pinakamasayang perks of living abroad is not being part of family politics / intrigues anymore pero after 10+ years of being away, nakaka miss rin pag walang nasasagap na kwento. (oo, closet-chismosa ako)

      But then again, hindi naman ako naiinis enough to give it up entirely. I find FB a very useful tool to get updates and to keep in touch with friends. Yung combination of living far away in a different timezone plus our no-helper-at-home lifestyle and may kid pa does not leave us with opportunity to keep in touch so having a place where we can see updates is great.

      I love hearing about people having kids (or more kids on top of the 5 they already have) or someone getting married na. I love getting updated on someone's kids graduating from grade/high school or getting into college. Sadly, doon ko rin nakukuha ang balita of people passing away. But I do like knowing these things, it helps make me feel closer to people maski malayo ako physically.

    3. Un nga e! I lived away from everyone for 13 years now. I only chat with 2-3 people and I still manage to get into the picture. Chinese Whispers ba un? And what I say get distorted pa. As in natatawa nalang ako. Pati issue nag nanay ko with her siblings, na tatag pa ako. hay.

      Pero I am closer naman talaga with my friends than with my relatives so everyone I wish to keep intouch with, I just add in Viber nalang. Anyway, ung gamit ko sa FB is just messenger lang din naman.

      Medyo introverted tlga ako in real life. Although many people don't believe that because I'm super kwela when I'm out. I just feel tired after too much interaction.

  2. my husband and I were not on facebook never been, but were on face to face so if people want to unfriend us they have to do it face to face, having said that I always find facebook boring, why would you want to know what people ate, where they have been and what stuff they got why should I care? Life is so much richer without FB people talk to each other face to face.

    1. I agree! I'm on Facebook because nearly all of my friends are far from me. Yes, sad.
      But I unfollow nearly everyone. I only follow those with interesting feeds where they share articles. But a few of these people I unfollow tag me so that I take notice of what they are up to and it's honestly annoying.
      I'm so glad I'm off FB now.

  3. I agree with you! I haven't deactivated my Facebook account though. I haven't just opened it in a month (last time I opened was January 1, 2016).

    I am amazed at how much I could do: I went back to reading novels and watching my favorite TV shows... things I werent able to do if I were FB-ing.

    I also get tired of seeing the same people posting the same things and seeing them on my news feed all the time. As if I care about their new car (I dont see the need to post that, nagyayabang lang, then thanking God for the blessing ang caption) or the food they ate at some fancy resto.

    1. Di ba!!!!!!!! Hay KSP I tell you. May Kilala ako na obv burat sa life pero puro thankfulness ang quote na ung pic, selfie! Kainis!