Monday, 4 January 2016

First Day Back at Work

My mom had this annoying song that she would sing on the last night of just about any break. The song torments me until now...

Last night, I was feeling really horrible that Christmas is really really over. I tried to convince my husband to join me in my misery party last night but he seemed very excited for 2016.  After all, he is going to be a father.

I don't usually welcome the New Year with open arms. I feel that it is filled with so much uncertainty. During Christmas, I feel I survived the whole year and I deserve to celebrate. During the New Year, I am filled with dread and anxiety. New targets and new goals= work.

My mind is just wired differently. I'm not a pessimist. I'm just a little bit weird.

So, today my husband woke me up really early so that we can drive to our office in Binondo. When I got to the office I had to prepare the gifts for the press and the purchasers. We usually give gifts after the break because I figure, everyone hates going back to work after the very long holidays.

Then, I reviewed the January schedule which is filled with a lot of tasks...pfffttt.

Some things never change.

Well, the good news is there were no 600 emails to welcome  me and no Sales Conference to fuss about.

Oh! Another good news! Today is the first day I met my husband. We talked online in December and He flew to Iloilo to meet me after a month of talking in YM. We will  go out to celebrate after work.

How about you, how was your first day back at work?




  1. Pffft -> I feel like this too, unfortunately. I've been bracing myself for the first work week of 2016 because that's usually when everybody comes back to you with all the work that they held back during the holidays. Para bang bumabawi sila dahil hindi ka masyadong pukpok sa trabaho last week.

    Sa kaka brace ko sa sarili ko for Monday, 2016 surprised us with an early challenge on Saturday. May issue na agad at work so I had to frantically work the whole night trying to get it sorted out and there went the first weekend of the year.

    Being the glass-half-full type of person that I am, isipin ko na lang na naka quota na ako and that things are looking up for the year :)

    1. Na mentally condition ako ni mama to hate back to school, back to work. Lahat na. Lecheng song un e.
      I used to open my emails a week before back to work para Hindi rin ako ma Bulaga at ma rattle sa first day.
      What do you do popcorn?

  2. Just do it! :)
    Happy 2016 L