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Celebrity Moms Using BabyPlus: Isabel Oli and Bianca Gonzalez

Many months ago, when I was still preparing to conceive, I wrote about BabyPlus after I attended the baptism of my friend's son. I took notice of his then 3 month old baby. The baby was particularly alert, behaved and yet very interactive with the guests. Unlike ung iba na tantrums na kung tantrums! His son was the most behaved and attentive during the baptism.

He told me that they used BabyPlus.

Fast forward to now that I am finally pregnant. A reader of my blog, K, recommended this product. I also saw posts on Instagram that celebrity moms like Isabel Oli and Bianca Gonzalez also used BabyPlus in their pregnancy. 

(Photo from Isabel Oli's IG)

(Photo from Bianca Gonzalez's blog and IG)

In fact Bianca Gonzalez named BabyPlus as one of her pregnancy must-haves. Read her post here

Let me share what I know about the product.

What is BabyPlus?

BabyPlus has 16 lessons that are patterned after the maternal heartbeat. 
The baby in the womb starts differentiating the 2 heartbeats and through this, starts her first learning in life

Why heartbeat and not music?
The mother's heartbeat is the first and the loudest sound the baby can hear in the womb. Spoken words are muffled  Music is too complicated for the still-developing brain to understand

Many moms believe that they can help with the fetus' mental development by talking or singing to their tummies or making the fetus listen to classical music.

But what I learned from watching National Geographic's IN THE WOMB, the loudest and clearest sound the fetus can hear is the mother's heartbeat. The grumbles of the stomach fluids are also very loud.

Because of the loud sounds inside the mother's body, spoken word and music are not that clear. In fact, they all sound muffled to the fetus because they need to pass through air then water.

Try this:
Play a music on the radio then go into the water and try listening to the music from that radio. Not clear, right?

How does it work?

Remember when we started preschool, our first exercise in school was to CIRCLE THE ODD ONE OUT.

This is the fetus version of that.  The fetus differentiates between the two heartbeats; which one is from my mom and which one is from the device. The lesson changes so the fetus becomes alert to the changes.

What are the benefits of using BabyPlus?

When to start using?

The ears start to develop at 13 weeks and by the 18th week, the fetus can hear very well. So pregnant women can start using anytime between 18-32 week. Then the mommy uses until end of pregnancy.

(Photo from Isabel Oli's IG)

Isabel Oli is still using! I follow her in Instragram! She is one of the prettiest and most talented actress I've seen on TV. John Prats, her husband, is also very versatile! Love them!

How much is BabyPlus?
9,350 php.

Where to buy BabyPlus?
It's is available in all branches of MOTHERCARE, RUSTANS, CHICCO, BABYLAND and Baby Boutiques Baobao Babies in Cebu, Nurture Nook in Wack-Wack Village, Baby and Beyond in San Juan. If you are out of town, you can buy online from, and MilkandHoney.Ph

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