Tuesday, 26 January 2016

CRAVINGS: Vina Trang Authentic Pho and Vietnamese Coffee

I started my cravings with Plato Wraps and Dunkin Donuts Bunwich. Then I stopped for a while because I lost my appetite. By the 20th week, my cravings started again. This time, I went gaga for Shawarma and Gyros.

Now, I am on my Banh Mi spree! I've been eating Banh Mi for dinner for close to 2 weeks now.

The search for my perfect Banh Mi started with this modern Vietnamese restaurant in Serendra but their Banh Mi was crazy small and expensive! The following day, I wanted to try Bon Banh Mi but we got stuck in traffic and when we got there, they were already closed. I was really upset!

But as luck would have it, a few blocks away is an Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant, VINA TRANG. We just passed by it on our way home! Swerte lang talaga!

VINA TRANG serves Authentic Pho and Vietnamese Coffee. It's located in San Antonio Village. It looks very unsuspecting, a very typical "hole in the wall" kind of restaurant. Reminds of me SOMS before SOMS went all commercial and lost its charm.

I hesitantly went in because I was craving for Banh Mi and not Pho. It was already 8 pm and my husband was not in the mood to hunt for Banh Mi. He just wanted hot soup and noodle.

Call it "Pregnancy Luck" but when we went in, I saw a big Banh Mi menu on the wall.  

I ordered the traditional Banh Mi.  It was filled with meat, veggies and mayo. I love the cripsy bread and the sweet and savoury flavors.

Traditional Banh Mi, 119 Php

The prices are very reasonable considering how generous the portions and the servings are. The Pho is served piping hot in a very big bowl. It's perfect on a cold and rainy day.
Pho, 185 Php

Spring Rolls, 35 Php/each

They also serve FREE pandan flavored water.  The prices of the drinks are very reasonable too. Fresh carrot juice is only 85 php.

It's really good value. I love the homey vibe. Parking is free and plenty!

I think the restaurant is owned by 2 Vietnamese ladies. I always see them there, cooking, serving and cleaning up. It really feels authentic.

Of course, the food is really good.  It stays true to the very "fresh" and simple nature of Vietnamese cuisine.

We ate there last night and my husband tried the Rice Vermicelli with Grilled Pork. I still ordered the Banh Mi but this time I ordered 2 large ones!   

I've eaten there 4x now. I'm going back again tonight. I wonder how long this Banh Mi spree will last

Pigging Out,


Vina Trang Cuisine
8839 Sampaloc St. Cor. Estrella St.
San Antonio Village, Makati

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