Monday, 27 October 2014

Quarter 1 Year 1 in Marriage

I decided that we won't be doing monthsaries for our first year of marriage. It's cheesy. And it's way too conventional don't you think?

So we both agreed that we will do it quarterly, pretty much like a financial report.  Nako, kung pwede lang i-align sa fiscal year chuchu, ginawa ko na.

For our Q1Y1, we decided to celebrate it at the Manila Peninsula over a very girly and a very  pink afternoon tea. 

Every October all the Peninsula Hotels around the world participate in BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH.  

This year, the Peninsula Manila  once again partnered with the Philippines Foundation for Breast Care. By ordering the pink-themed afternoon tea set, a diner is able to help the East Avenue Medical Center treat indigent patients with breast cancer. 

While enjoying our afternoon tea, I humbly asked S for my rating as a wife. I asked how else I can improve.

S gave me rating of 7/10. Considering that we are a newly married couple, I found this rating DISMAL.

I frowned when I heard my Q1 Y1 rating. I wanted to throw the eclair at his face. Ofcourse I didn't! QUE HORROR! But I entertained such thoughts while I was listening to my evaluation. (I'm pretty sure, my people felt the same way towards me during their PDP sessions. Hahaha)

S said, I have a temper and I get annoyed easily. YOWN! He added, he is very happy that I rarely act on my temper but he pointed out that "rolling my eyeballs" is louder than words. 

Honestly, I don't even notice that I do this! In my defense, I think eye rolling is classified as an involuntary muscle movement.

S also said that I need to improve on my listening skills. I agreed with him on this. Listening is really a skill, which is the very reason why shrinks make sh*tloads of money.  

Listening is just really hard when the idea is all over the place. A brain storming session is a different story.  In this case, I love raw ideas and I get a thrill in sharpening it into a more cohesive thought. 

But if it's over dinner, it really gets in my nerves. When S would start rambling about things (or as he loves to say, "HE'S THINKING OUT LOUD"), I'd get really frustrated that he would even entertain such thoughts to begin with. He pointed out that I either cut him off or I have  "WTF" written all over my face.

As a wife, it is my job to listen to my husband. It's not my job to facilitate a brain storming session. OUCH!

S made a lot of good points during the evaluation. I am very happy that we are at a stage where we can be honest with each other. 

I also gave him my rating. He got an 8/10. Pretty high, di ba? I told him that he is such good provider. He works very hard. He is very generous. 

However, I pointed out that gifts should not replace loving gestures and kind words.  He needs to verbally and physically assure me that he loves me. While, I appreciate the nice things, my love language is AFFIRMATIVE WORDS. 

Hay, S knows this naman. I don't know why he still opts to give me gifts when it has no effect on my happiness index. But okay, I'm thankful.

It turned out to be a very good evaluation session.  I am challenged with my Opportunities for Improvement or OFIs :)

Whoever said that being a housewife is easy...was doing it all wrong!   The JD requires the competencies of a psychiatrist, an accountant, a cheerleader,  a preschool teacher and god knows what else pa.

Much Loved,



  1. Wow. I admire you for asking to be rated and I have to admit that I admire S even more for daring to give his rating - a non-perfect one at that!


    1. Thanks Popcorn! I also had to admit that it's a struggle to stay positive all the time :( huhuhu but I try. A bad marriage makes a a very unproductive husband.