Friday, 17 October 2014

Day 243: On Writing and Taking a Break

When I started this blog, there was really no intent to go mainstream. Sure, I wanted to learn about SEO and stats but really, I didn't have much of a goal.

I wrote a bunch of emails, briefs, concepts during the 11 years I was working.  I just really needed to write to feel normal.

Writing also helped me process the changes in my life.  It was such a shift from making annual marketing plans to wedding plans, from being a boss to a  bride, from being a bride to a wife. So many changes. Writing helped me to make sense of all the chaos.

It has been 8 months since I retired. I've been married to S for 3 months now. Things are starting to feel normal again.

I'm starting to ask myself, if the title of this blog is still appropriate. Am I still on Pause? My life seems to be in full swing...

I am starting to accept and enjoy being a housewife. I do help out in S' business but not full time. It's such a blessing to have the opportunity to have the time to enjoy the simple joys in life.  Dinners at home are always very pleasant.

My husband works very hard. I have seen the effect on him when he comes home to a happy environment.

Because I have a type A and a very dominant personality, I tend to excite and inspire everyone when I am passionate but conversely, I stress everyone out when I am stressed.

I'm no longer on pause. Everything is normal. I love my new normal. I love making breakfasts, doing yoga, having coffee...sigh.

It's bliss.

And I'm allowing myself to bask in this bliss because I know it won't be forever...


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