Friday, 10 October 2014

THE TALE OF 2 CHICKENS: Hen and Rooster Tradition

We will have a baby girl!!!

And no, I'm not yet expecting! But tradition told me a few days ago that my first born will be a girl.  And that baby girl will be petite or vertically challenged like me.

Okay! I think I'm confusing you! Let me back track and explain.

I came across a weird Chinese tradition that on my wedding night, we should bring a cage with 2 chickens inside it: a rooster and a hen. Before we have coitus on our matrimonial bed, we should open the cage and depending on what comes out first, that would determine the gender of our first born.

We never got to do this because we spent our first night in the hotel,where we mostly attended to our wasted bridesmaids. Even my brother who was tasked to do the WA HUE was assisting the girls. 

And, I'm sure you are aware that hotels have a NO PETS ALLOWED policy and that includes chickens.

The Chicken Tradition is very a old, provincial and backward ritual. SWA- KAW! Many opt not to do this, including my Mother-In-Law.  A friend of S did but their first born was a girl, so we know better than to believe this.

However because we are scheduled to complete our wedding traditions by visiting my parents in the province, I figured we may as well do the chicken ritual.  In Provance (this is the sosyal way of calling probinsya) we have easy access to chickens and we don't mind keeping them because they make good alarm clocks.

But Oh My Gulay, our trusted helper got a pair of mix breed  Bantam chickens. They are a small variety of poultry. Imagine...bonsai versions of chickens.

Haaaaay!!! I told them that I'm already small and them getting midget chickens will not help my future progeny.

The hen was the first one to come out. The rooster was pretty stupid and couldn't figure out how to get to the Cheetos.

See...he just looked at the hen...

So, there you go. I will be having POLLY POCKET as my daughter. 

Still on Pause,



  1. WAHAHAHAHHA!! what a dumb rooster. lol sorry.
    and thumbs up on the polly pocket reference, my sister will love you for it. as for me, i grew up with voltes V. lol