Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Fil-Chi Relationships: Believe in the Possibility

Ofcourse! Anu beh!!!!

Sorry my niece has been keeping me busy these past few days. I can't match her energy! I tried to teach her Kundalini but it didn't bring her zen.

I've come across a number of comments. Thank You for taking the time to write me back!

To be honest,  I gravitate towards stories. Those that do catch my attention, I share with my friends first before I post. My friends are both Chinay and Pinay because I don't want to have any bias. The 3 of us want to end prejudice and not fuel it.

I'm currently out of town. We flew to the province to visit my parents as part of a Chinese tradition. Ideally, the bride is not allowed to see her parents 3 days after the wedding. After 3 days, the couple should visit the bride's house. Unfortunately, after our wedding, the ghost month started. Then I had classes in September. 

After nearly 3 months (not 3 days), we did manage to execute this tradition.

When I arrived home, I hurried to my parent's bathroom to wash my face. I saw a picture of my brother with HIS Filipina girlfriend on my mom's dresser mirror.

See the sepia pic...that's my mom looking like a Somalian refugee.

When I rejoined my husband and my parents, who were having Chinese Tea and Turon in the living room, I  saw a picture of my mom and my brother's girlfriend mounted on the wall...

This is is the same mom who  was very vocal about her preference... If this is not acceptance and openness then I don't know what is.

The fact that my parents served Chinese Pu'er Tea with Turon  reflects their openness na. Di ba! Bagay naman. Hahaha.

And if you think that we are not traditional, well, I did have a kiu hun, tinghun and  ke tseng complete with arenola. My dad was a former association president and was also a member of the fire brigade.  You can also find us in the temple during festivals and whathaveyous. 

Naka blur ako kasi medyo pangit ako. I don't want to ruin your breakfast. Sorry.

Lastly, here's a picture of my brother and his girlfriend with the rest of our relatives in Hong Kong.

So YES it is possible.  Why not coconut? Have Faith

Still On Pause,


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  1. Yes, miracles such as the one you shared through this post is possible!!! IT IS POSSIBLE NO MATTER HOW IMPOSSIBLE IT MAY SEEM. I should know. Our love story's the same. :) So, to whoever is is struggling with complexities that go with Fil-Chi relationships, I say, "Keep strong!" :D

    - Filipina happily in love with a Chinese