Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Little Mermaid Costume

I've been pretty quiet this weekend. My niece has been keeping me busy...

I got her this  mermaid tail. Although I secretly wish it's mine...

I was a big fan on The Little Mermaid. Infact, I can still memorize all the songs!

First I made her wear it while we were having dinner...

The next day, I made her wear it when she went swimming.  Well, with the tail she waddled most of the time. Eventually, she removed it and swam in her undies.

Lastly we took her to the beach but she was scared that we will return her to sea mother. Hahaha

She was soooo tired after all that. I think moving the tail was a lot of core work out

If you want one, message me :)

Still On Pause,


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