Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Annunaki and the Creation of Men

Last April, my cousin told me about this theory he stumbled upon. He read about the Annunaki and their role in the creation of men.

I was hooked and intrigued because of its high degree of possibility.  Then I told my brother and my brother responded by explaining to me the theory of relativity. My brother is a "Trekkie" (Star Trek Fanatic). If you are a trekkie, the concept of time travel, genetic modification and aliens are matters of fact and not fiction.

He later made me watch several episodes of COSMOS and I swear I felt a bit smarter right about the 5th episode. By the 9th episode I decided to get the first book of Zecharia Sitchen.

So theory goes like this:
The Annunaki is a group of deities mentioned in artifacts found from the archeological sites of the Mesopotamian Civilizations (ie Sumerian and Babylonian). They came to earth from the 12th planet called NEBIRU.
Like Magellan and Columbus, these explorers came to earth in search of a precious commodity. 

They toiled the earth much like the other human pioneers did when they conquered the new world. 

When they were finally tired, they decided to use their advance knowledge of science to create laborers.
Through genetic modification and what seemed like cross breeding and in-vitro fertilization, they created the Modern Man.

Now, this is a very short summary of the book I am reading. Incidentally, I am also reading Genesis because we are talking about the blessings of Abraham in our church.

Why do I entertain what seems to be heresy?

1.  We evolved very fast relative the actual age of the earth (4.54 billion years) plus the fact that evolution can take millions of years.
2.  We have actually created robots and other forms of artificial intelligence to do our own jobs.
3.  In-Vitro is an accepted practice
4. We have cross bred animals, vegetables and fruits

5. We have successful cloned several animals.

So perhaps, it is really possible that another "race" was more advanced than us.

Perhaps, they figured out how to travel faster than the speed of light (or atleast close to it). Perhaps they visited our planet and did to us what we are doing now doing to animals.

Knowing and entertaining the possibility of this theory didn't turn me into an atheist. I still believe in  God and in the goodness of people.

I believe that our God is supreme and created the beautiful and vast universe.

Over dinner, I told S,  
" It is interesting that a human can be created by uniting a sperm and an egg and implanting it in another person's womb. 
It sounds so artificial but it creates a being that has its own thoughts and its own feelings.
Like now...I'm talking to you and I don't know what's going on in your head. 
Are you really listening to me? 
Are you thinking about the stock market?
Or are you just looking at the rice and thinking, Boy! This tastes good.
We are both human in our genetic composition and yet we have different souls...
How can the union, albeit artificial, of a sperm and an egg create a soul"

S responded,
"Maybe there is no soul. Perhaps the way I think  is just a result of the interaction of my neurons. And yes, I'm listening to you and not thinking about the rice."

Yes!!!!!We talk like this. I really do think too much, which is actually why I have a blog because I'd go crazy if I don't download my thoughts!

I remember asking my dad "Do ants have brains?" He thought it was a stupid question. But I guess I just really wanted to know if they think as much as I do. Hahaha.

The universe, the world and the human body are so beautiful. It is a miracle that all these exist. Only a supreme being, a great architect, a loving God can create all these beauty.


Now my brain hurts again.

Still on Pause,



  1. Artificial insemination or cloning or what we consider as natural whichever method. There isn’t much difference. We are all just mediums in creating a being without a soul. And in any of those we dnt understand how exactly a soul is created or if it does exist or if our soul isany different from other beings in this planet..

    1. the concept of a soul, or spirit is so fascinating to me. it seems to defy all forms of logic. very interesting.

    2. me too. =) You should watch/read never let me go. Not spoiling the details.