Monday, 23 June 2014

Day 126: S&R is like Disneyland!

In my head, I've always imagined that housewives have so much fun doing groceries in price clubs,  baking cookies, taking their kids to soccer practice, jogging in the neighborhood, hosting dinner parties etc.

I got all these ideas from watching DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. TV and Movies are valid sources of information for the delusional.

So one  of the perks of being S' (future) wife is an S&R membership. Yes! Mababaw lang po ang kaligayahan ko. Wala naman akong need na mag join ng country club. 

The first time I went there was last December with Chef Jo.  We went on a wednesday afternoon. As we watched the housewives and their yayabelles shop, we couldn't help but wish that sana we there buying our own household groceries too. Unfortunately, we were there to get ingredients for the sales conference. 

Finally, I came back to apply for my own membership.

I love the place! The assortment is crazy! It's like Disneyland I tell you! There are promos and tasting left and right. And the prices!!! They are cheaper compared to my neighborhood grocery store, Rustans.

The meats, veggies, sauces and cheeses made me  feel so excited  that I will start cooking again very soon.  Although I'm dreading to use our new electric stove and oven because those consume power like slurpees.

And you know what's the best stuff inside S&R???


Just what I badly need to cope  with such a disappointing day courtesy of our Third Party HR. I was suppose to get my retirement and final pay cheques but they spelled my name wrong! Hay nako.

Still on Pause,

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