Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Day 114: How Kitchen 1B Handled Customer Feedback

I've been having brunch at Kitchen 1B almost every week. It's really a nice and cozy place.

Read about my first visit by clicking on this link!

It reminds me of the breakfast places I used to go to when I was still living in Singapore. Since I am a creature of habit, I always order the same thing: Bacon and Eggs + Coffee. 

Today, I noticed that within a month, the price increased by 30% A couple of weeks before that another item also had a price increase. And we are not talking about a few pesos here.

I was shocked! It seems that the prices in this restaurant vary nearly every week!

So, I talked to the waitress and told her that this is very unusual. The owner overheard and approached me.

She explained that they had to change supplier in order to maintain quality and also to increase the portions.  She didn't expect that anyone would notice since they are just on a soft opening and are still on the process of adjusting their menu.

I listened and I shared that because I live in their neighborhood, I do come here often. I shared several suggestions on how they could have handled the price increase among their regulars.

She took the feedback quite well. Maybe because I said it politely too.

On my way out, she walked me to the door and said "Do come back for breakfast again. Your next breakfast in on the house. Thank you for your feedback."

I told her that even if without the freebie, I will definitely be back.

And that my friend, is how people in the food service industry should handle NEGATIVE feedback from customers. Some act dumb. Some act defensive. Some get arrogant.


The formula is Listen ---> Explain---> Listen ---> Assess how to compensate---> Thank the customer that he/she took the time to talk to you rather than taking her case to social media.

And you know what? Sometimes, the only compensation needed is an explanation or even just sincere apology.

Maybe it's a good idea for restaurant managers or HRM students  to train under Ms. Marivic, the owner of Kitchen 1B!

Still on Pause,


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