Thursday, 26 June 2014

Day 129: An Amazing Day

My day started with a JIVAKMUKTI class at dawn! hahahah! 7 am.

Then,  my best friend and his family arrived from Australia. We went to Sari for M's fitting and it all went well.

Then we had lunch and cupcakes. Round about 6 pm, we attended the Lenox Launch in Rustan. Sand I were both invited by the head of Rustan's home. I invited M to join me because S had to be somewhere else. 

And guess what?! For the first time in my life I won something! I won a set of very expensive china.S took it home with him because I had another party to attend. I have yet to open my prize!

After my party, M and Dave took me to the launch of a new Megawork property. I spent most of my time making paper boats with Eli while the couple talked with their agent.

I think I had too many glasses of champagnes and Shiraz .... 

It was  just a wonderful day. I also got an SMS from my old boss inviting me for champagne on the 9th! Of July!

Praise God

Still on Pause,


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