Thursday, 19 June 2014

Day 122: My Gua Ma's Legacy

Thank you mama for giving me survival genes!

You give a new meaning to  the phrase "May Pinagmanahan".

I come from a family of "well- endowed" women.  This is my gua ma's legacy, her fantabulous boobies.

And so, today, I went to do my nearly final fitting with my coutourier and he posted my dress and my cleavage on his FB wall.

I saw a comment that cracked me up. It says...

My mom said baka raw imbis na "Body of Christ" sasabihin ng priest...

Baka raw maging "Oh Christ, what a body"


Still on Pause,



  1. Haha! Oh so this was why you were asking. :D Have you decided yet?

    1. Ive decided to wear whatever the designer comes up with. Both seems to look great on me anyway :)