Friday, 6 June 2014

Love The One You Are With (not the people in facebook and instagram)

Social Media makes Anti-social people.

So my mom was telling us the story of how her dad, our guakong, left China and eventually lost touch with his family.

He came back to China again when he was 90 years old and told us that if he could find even just one relative, he would stay there.

He didn't find anyone.

Imagine if Facebook existed then. I'm sure my guakong would have gotten his chance to reconnect with his family when the revolution ended. That being said, Facebook definitely changed the world and I am forever grateful to Mark Zuckerberg.

However, with smart phones and androids, it seems that more people prefer to be tapping away than enjoying the company of the ones they are with.

Last week, I had some people over. It was quite annoying that even if I made such an effort to entertain, they were still on their phones.  Trust me when I say, I'm very good in entertaining.

They were tapping away while we were waiting for our food, snapping photos when the food arrived. I'm sure you can imagine what I mean.

News flash: Waiting for the food is part of the experience. In fact if you enjoy the pleasure of your date, you add more courses.  The waiting time in between courses is an opportunity to spend time with that person.

I told S, next time I am on my ipad, he should remind me to put it down. Sometimes, I may not be aware of it.

It is important that when you are out with someone, put your phones away. Look at the person straight in the eyes and listen intently, especially if  that person asked you out.

You need not talk. You can listen. You can nod or shake your head, laugh, sigh or whatever.

Seriously,  learn to enjoy and love the company of the person you are PHYSICALLY with. If you are on your phone, talking to other people--- it's really insulting. It's as if, you'd rather talk to that person rather than the one infront of you.

Still on Pause,


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