Sunday, 22 June 2014

Day 125: Ting Hun Lauriat

Truth be told, S and I never got to enjoy our Ting Hun Lauriat in Century Hotel because we were busy having our photos taken and entertaining all our well wishers.

Despite the fact that S chose Century because they are famous for their CHINESE FOOD, the most amazing meal we had that day was from Tapa King, which we had later that evening.

Today, we had lunch together with family of S and some his parents' friends. Apparently they paid for an extra table for  the Ting Hun Banquet just incase more guests showed up. 

So, 6 months later I finally got to see and taste our Ting Hun Lauriat.  

Since I'm not a food blogger, I will only share the picture of the dishes and I won't even bother to describe them at all. Boooooo!

Eh I don't know how to blog about food e!  That and I'm too lazy to write today.

I recommend you visit for  more credible food reviews.

Anyway, our 12 course lauriat or "pan-to"  started with...

1. Hot appetizer

2. Prawn Salad

And progressed to...
3. Crispy Pigeons!

4. Abalone and Mushroom- I was told that this is a special dish...

I actually don't know what an abalone is or why it is expensive.

The boyfriend of my future sister-in-law told me that it is a mollusk. When I checked on line, I was surprised that it looks like a big and hairy oyster.

5. Steamed FAT Crabs

6. Crab Meat soup - forgot to take a picture

After the soup, we were all stuffed but more came...

7. Scallop with Brocolli and some hairy seaweed 

8. Pancit

10. Steamed Lapu Lapu- the "encore"

11. Coconut Tapioca Pudding 

12. Snow Balls (Taro and Coconut)

These 2 desserts were served separately

(Thanks tsinoyfoodie for the names!)

Buti nalang I didn't eat during my ting hun. Otherwise I would've  needed to unzip my dress to breathe.

As you can see medyo, hardcore chinoy na ang food sa ting hun. 

The wedding banquet will be the complete opposite. No more reds. No Mandarin-speaking host. No more lauriat. 

We have decided to go YUROPIYAN.

Now, please excuse me...I think I need to take a nap

Still on Pause,


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  1. Hi L,

    Thank you so much for your referral. =) So flattering ah.
    You're doing a great job with your posts. Hope you continue writing even when not on pause.
    We often eat there during occassions and that's our default set menu hehe + my green mango shake lol.
    Abalone is my favorite! That's always in my request for pasalubong if someone is going to Australia. ;)