Tuesday, 10 June 2014


The dining set for the new couple is provided by the side of the bride. This represents the welcoming of new members into their new family.

I was worried that if I only get two sets, it may signify that I don't want children. And I can't get four because, in Chinese, 4 is bad luck. It sounds similar to death.

So we got 8 sets of bowls and chopsticks, which I'm sure we will only use during birthdays. 

Notice that each bowl and each pair of chopsticks has a sanghee sticker.,,

Ofcourse, since we are like most Filipinos, we actually eat on plates and we use spoons and forks.

My western dining set is only for 6 pax. Most sets are good for 4 people. Since I  didn't want to get 8 sets of the same design,  we just got a classic style for 2.

 S got the gorgeous WMF cutlery from Singapore during the Great Singapore Sale. Super Bargain!

And syempre, may sticker din! Pero S said wag na sticker bawat kutchara at tinidor. OA na raw.

I love my Tiffany blue plates! Pretty noh? Though, I'm still praying for real bone china dining set.

Like this Wedgwood Butterfly Bloom Collection...

Or this new Royal Doulton Collection by Charlene Mullen. Drool...

Unfortunely, I am notorious for breaking stuff so I will just enjoy looking at the brochures and the store displays.

Still on Pause,


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