Wednesday, 25 June 2014


There is a Chinese Tradition called Hair Combing.

On the night before the wedding or the dawn of the wedding, the bride bathes in pomelo infused water and puts on her new undergarment, new pajamas, new slippers and sits before a lit dragon and phoenix or sang hee candles

Her dad will comb her hair and her mother and relatives will recite the auspicious chant. In some Chinese countries, the combing is done by what they call a "good luck woman". 

Finally, I completed all the things I need for my hair combing ceremony. But I needed to make certain modifications since some items are not readily available here. 

My bridesmaid , Alvee, got our Lao Gong ( Granpa) and Lao Po (Grand Ma) slippers in Singapore and will bring it with her when she arrives a couple of days before my wedding.

Those are alvee's feet. Hahaha

Here's my complete set. The items below are actually part of my KE TSENG or my dowry.

have there my new pajamas, my combs, my mirror, my candles, my ruler and scissors. 

S and I even have a new set of rinsing mug and toothbrush!

The ruler is one of the modified elements.  The ruler represents GOOD JUDGEMENT. There is actually a Chinese version which is not available here... So I just have to make do with an ordinary red ruler with a sang hee sticker.

Also, we couldn't find the Dragon and Phoenix Pajama set, even in Singapore, so I just got a red one from SM.

Everything that I will use during the ceremony needs to be new. This is symbolic of the start of my new life. Syempre may new SOEN panties and New Marks and Spencer Bra din.

Since my mom can't speak Chinese, I got her the English translation of the chant. 

I wonder if there are any Pinoy wedding eve traditions too...

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