Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter Holidays at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo

My family never travels out of Iloilo  during Lent. They stay home! They usually have a very packed Good Friday. They go to Bala-an Bukid, listen  to the Siete Palabras, join the procession, drive around for Visita Iglesia, Du-aw and end the day by attending Soledad. Then come Sunday, they celebrate Easter with the people working for papa. 

I didn't go home because I'm no longer permitted to travel. And, I don't usually encourage traveling during the long weekend because the prices of airline tickets are crazy expensive and the airports are crazy busy.  

In the past, I'd already fly to Iloilo the weekend before Holy Week. So for my 3 days (Mon, Tues, Wed) leave from work, I got a total of 9 days in Iloilo!!!  

But to travel on Holy Thursday is crazy!!!! Wag na!!! 

Sigh... All the reminiscing is making me miss Iloilo. I have a lot of memories there. 

When I was 12, I initiated an Easter Egg Hunt activity with my cousins. In one of the eggs, I put a coconut beetle or "Bagangan". When my cousin opened the egg and saw the beetle, she ran and  hit the wall. She got a black-eye. That was the first and last Easter party I ever hosted.

If you don't have any activities for Easter, it's really quite sad. I think it's really good to start a tradition especially if you have kids. You don't even have to go out of town! 

If you want to save a restful and hassle-free Easter in Iloilo,  check out the Easter Activities at Richmonde Hotel. 

Richmonde is my favorite hotel in Iloilo. I always stay there when I go home. 

The rooms are very luxurious. Daw abroad lang e!

Check out my review of the hotel.RICHMONDE REVIEW

The brunch buffet is only 750php nett! It's really a very good price considering how gorgeous the restaurant is.

I wish you all a restful weekend.

Spending my days in silence,


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