Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Smart Parenting Philippines: I'm A Housewife Who Gets Paid for Doing Household Chores

I wrote an article for Smart Parenting about my career as a housewife. Most of you have been reading about my struggles to adjust with my new reality and you have also read about our usual household issues, however trivial.

Here's the link to the article: L. Sy writes for Smart Parenting Philippines. I started working on it last Thursday and submitted the article yesterday.  This is in celebration of Women's Month!

And just in case you're wondering... yes... I was pant-less when I wrote that article. 

Like what I said in my previous post,  my hormones and the weather are  conniving to make me suffer.

My husband knows the editor and volunteered me as a writer. I think he has been contemplating about my maternity leave for a long time now. It is safe to assume that he wants to keep me occupied so that I don't meddle in his business affairs.

Honestly, I really feel too hot to even bother him.

 I just need an ice cold beer Mango shake!



  1. I enjoyed reading your piece achi! And yes, you should definitely get a raise! I hope you demanded for 13th month pay din and Chinese New Year bonus! Hehe :) Few more weeks till you see your lil bundle of joy! Hope you're doing well kahit mainint ang feeling haha!

    1. If my situation now is a preview of what's to come during ge lai... I'm scared na!