Monday, 28 March 2016

Peace of Mind Please

I went to the Delivery Room twice last week.

Monday, I had a white odorless vaginal discharge which I suspected to be my cervical mucus plug and Sunday, I had spotting. On top of these discharges, I have been having more frequent contractions.

On both cases, I was injected with Terbutaline and given Duvadilan to relax my uterus because my cervix is not yet dilated. 

I am mentally tired. 

The changes in my body in the last 5 weeks have been drastic. 

30th week, the fetus was underweight by 2 weeks.
32th week, the fetus was still underweight by 2 weeks and my placenta is starting to age prematurely. 
34th week was filled with unusual discharges and contractions. 
35th week, the fetus is now fat at 5lbs and the doctor said I can deliver if contractions persists.  

 The smooth second trimester is now gone and the turbulent third trimester is starting to drain me physically and mentally. I have gained 23 lbs. My scoliosis is more obvious. My back is starting to ache.

On top of all these, my in-laws are concerned that they still don't have a maid. Honestly, I'm fine without a maid. I don't want to stress over adjusting to a new person when the whole idea of motherhood is already a big adjustment. However, I also understand that my in-laws have not personally taken care of a newborn since their generation was not that hands-on. 

So much things happening...I just want to sleep and wake up if it's already time to give birth.

I just really pray for a healthy baby. 

Tired...very tired,



  1. Virtual hugs! - K

  2. Hi L,

    Waiting is really frustrating. But always be ready and prepared. Malapit na malapit na mag hello world si baby. Try mo manalamin,as in whole body, kapag mababa na ang tyan mo, malapit ka na mag deliver nyan. Kasabihan yan saming mga pinoy, pero for me, totoo siya. And kapag yung parang lagi feeling mo gusto mo mag poop na parang hindi naman, yun na. Sa 1st baby ko, pinainum ako ng grandmom ko ng fresh egg, isa lang. nung time na feeling ko ayun na talaga. para madali raw lumabas ang baby. I dont know, pero it worked. hindi ako nahirapan sa pag deliver.

  3. hang in there!

    Praying you'll have a safe & quick delivery.