Friday, 4 March 2016

EUKY BEAR: My Healing Kit

After much reflection, I decided to stay home today. I need to be a wife again and take care of my husband. He has been coughing for 2 weeks now and his cough won't go away because I generously add to his stress by bringing work home.

Last week, I bought him VICKS Vapor Rub from Mercury. But since I am pregnant, he had to apply VICKS on his own chest. It didn't really fully work. Perhaps, it needed my magical healing touch.

I read somewhere that you can't use Vicks on newborns. So to be safe, I don't touch it. I'm paranoid that way. Blame my OCD.

After our fight last Wednesday night, where I lectured my husband about Math while he was coughing, I felt the need to make it up to him.

I asked him to take a shower while I prepared my Euky Bear "Healing Kit".

Euky Bear is a popular Australia brand that offers soothing natural remedies –from steam vaporizers to inhalants, natural cough medicine and the famous Euky Bearub chest rub.

My Euky Bear Healing Kit includes the following:
1. Euky Bear Steam Vaporizer
2. Euky Bear Cleaning Tablets
3. Euky Bear Inhalant
4. Euky Bear Chest Rub

After my husband finished taking a bath, I asked him to go to bed.  I applied the Euky Bear Rub on his chest. EUKY BEAR RUB IS SAFE FOR NEWBORNS AND PREGNANT WOMEN.

When I was done applying a generous amount on his chest, he said a mosquito bit him inside the car (I don't know why there are mosquitoes inside his car) so I also put some Euky Bear Rub on his mosquito bites. The Euky Bear rub is versatile!

Then I turned on the aircon and prepared the Euky Steam Vaporizer.

How to Use the Euky Bear Steam Vaporizer? VERY EASY

1. Put 2 cleaning tabs inside the vaporizer. 
The cleaning tabs will prevent the accumulation of the mineral deposits inside the heating module.  This will help your vaporizer live longer. When you buy a vaporizer, you get a free bottle of these cleaning tablets.

2. Put 2 cup full of the Euky Bear Inhalant.
I sometimes put more depending on how strong I want to eucalyptus smell.

3. Fill the Euky Bear Vaporizer with  water.
Make sure you stay within the limit. There is a line outside the module

4. Turn on the Vaporizer.

Here's the best part,

You don't have to directly face the Vaporizer to inhale the steam, the same way you normally would if you use an inhaler or a nebulizer.

You can go to bed, sleep soundly and the steam will just work its magic.

By 10 pm, my husband was sleeping very soundly. As I watched him sleep, I was overwhelmed with guilt. Here's a man who loves me very much and works hard for me. I should be his "healer" and his "comforter".

Sometimes, because of ambition and greed, I forget my role as a wife. It's good to be reminded.  And if you want to be a good wife, well, you need to have your own version of a healing kit.

Here's my Euky Bear Healing Kit with prices:

I also have a western medicine kit that has the ff:

1.Phenlypropanolamine HCL- flu
2. Paracetamol
3. Ibuprofen- pain
4.  Carbocistine- dry cough
5.Hyosine butylbromide- stomach ache
6. Hydrocortisone- itch and inflamation
7. Anti-histamines- allergies
8. Loperamine- LBM
9. Domperidome- Indigestion
10. Laxatives- Constipation
11. Aspirin

You can buy Euky Bear from Rustans, Hobbes and Landes. But if you are like me, who refuse to drive and deal with traffic, you can buy online at

I bought my vaporizer and inhalant online from because I now have this fear of crossing the street and being squished like a grape.

Happy Weekend,



  1. Thanks for this L. I think Arv might need it as well.

    1. The no work talk after work hours? Hahaha. Hirap to be in the same field noh. Anyway, this is helpful but he needs to stop smoking para mas effective

  2. Vicks can't be used on babies because it has ingredients that irritate the airways & may cause more mucus, so it shouldn't be an issue if you have to rub Vicks on your husband :)

    But hey, can't be too careful these days!.

    Hope your husband gets well soon.

    1. I was worried if I could touch vicks. I wasn't sure, so I played it safe nalang.
      His cough has softened but he is not spitting I guess solmux na

    2. I'm more surprised magkasama pa kayo, especially since may option naman to stay with the in-laws. I don't remember if my husband got sick while I was pregnant (ang tagal na kasi nun) but if he had gotten sick, I would've asked him to stay away or stayed away myself because it won't do for the me to get sick as well because then I may have to take medications. Mas scary yun diba ?

      When my bro got a really bad cough while his wife was pregnant, we (me, achi, our parents) all kept nagging my brother to stay away from her and he did. He actually moved out of their bedroom and stayed in another room until he was well.

    3. He was sleeping in the other room for a few days...partly because Naiinis rin ako sa ubo. It sounds annoying plus the fact that I'm already annoyed sa kanya sa work palang.

      But as the days progressed, parang walang nahahawa..even yung sister Nya na kasama Nya sa office...Even the OB told him baka asthma. May kasabay rin na allergies parang hives sa arms. For that he uses hydrocortisone.

      He usually gets these illnesses pag sobrang stress sya.

      He doesn't sniffle and Walang temperature.

      I dunno how to cure his stress na. And it's getting to me too. I think most ng topics ko sa blog about that na nga e. His stress, that is.