Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Most Comfortable Maternity Pants From Mamaway

Around the 24th week of my pregnancy, my stomach just grew big over night!  It was as if I slept and someone decided to put stones inside my belly and I woke up with my stomach twice as large as it was the night before.

Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating but I experienced a sudden growth spurt around the 24th-26th week of pregnancy.

I could no longer wear my ordinary jeans, shorts and even pajamas. I slept  wearing only a top. For a while there,  I looked like Winnie the Pooh.

Maybe he hated the way I look, so on my 20th week, my husband took me to Mamaway in Shangrila Mall. He demanded that we need to buy new maternity pants and that I should start wearing pants again! 

He also bought some maternity jeans and slacks from Zalora to make that I have no excuse in looking like a sexually-ambiguous bear.

The ones from Zalora were significantly  cheaper but they proved to be useless because the bands covering my belly are not that wide. When I climb up the stairs or when I sit down, my butt crack shows!!!  I still wear them occasionally. 

The pants from Mamaway are the best! The bands are wide and they cling to my belly. I can move around  without them slipping down. They are stretchable so I can wear them until I give birth.

They are made with 97% cotton and 3% spandex. The pants are so soft and comfortable. It's perfect for Philippine weather! 

I didn't buy a lot. I only got 2 pairs because I don't want to get use to this level of comfort. I plan to lose the weight and wear my old jeans as soon as possible. In fact, I only bought 3 maternity dresses. 

Next week,  I really need to get new bras. My breasts also had a growth sprout of their own. I swear, my areola even grew wider diameter! Mama told me that this is my body changing in preparation for breastfeeding. 

If I exercise, I'm sure my flat tummy will return. But there are no crunches for breasts! So I also don't know how to reduce my cup size after giving birth...

Anyway! If you want to buy my comfortable maternity pants or buy maternity/nursing bras, you can find Mamaway Products in:

1. Mamaway Shop, Shangrila Mall

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