Thursday, 25 February 2016


What a beautiful ad released by the brilliant marketing and advertising team of Jollibee!

While watching this ad, i think about our breakfast drive-throughs in Jollibee, along OsmeƱa Road. I always order the same thing too. I order the Longanisa meal and my husband orders Burger Steak. The big difference between us and the old couple in the commercial is we don't have a scenic route to "Jollibee". Our view is the legendary traffic of Metro Manila. 

I cried at the ending! It really struck a cord! What a beautiful and moving TV commercial!

This ad is clearly a market development campaign designed to increase frequency of consumption.  I know it sounds so heartless! But this objective backed with solid market info and consumer insight created a masterpiece!

Now, this is why you pay an advertising agency good money! Base on your business need,  the creative team will weave a story that will subliminally convey your objective to your target market. 

After watching the commercial, I want to build a habit of having a "meaningful" Jollibee breakfast with husband. I should also try to shut up and save all my business for the office. Any stressful business topic ruins the mood.

Obvious ba I miss my job?


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