Thursday, 11 February 2016

Creative Way To Announce Baby's Gender

My life needs a little "echoz" otherwise it's just too plain and boring. 

We announced the baby's gender to our parents and a few friends through cupcakes. 

Pink for a girl.

Blue for a boy. 

My husband told me to skip including a rainbow cupcake in the spiel because his parents are conservative.

Then we put the cupcakes in a box and asked them to wait for a bit. I shared a verse from the bible and told our guests how thankful we are to be having this child. 

Finally, when I have said everything I had to say, I  told everyone to open the box at the same time.

Can you guess the gender?

Happy Wednesday,



  1. GIRL!!! :) I hope I'm right hahaha

  2. Girls are more fun to dress up!

  3. I will wish it a boy for the Chinese tradition of having to pass on the last name.
    But seriously - a GIRL is lovely.

    1. tapos if boy, first name is Henry. hahaha.

  4. HI! my guess is boy :) but whether he or she, am sure he/she is very lucky to have you - J