Wednesday, 30 September 2015

10 Must Try Desserts in Paris

There are so many types of of sweets in Paris. It is impossible to try ALL if you will just visit for a week.  Imagine mo ha, if you will eat sweets after lunch, during merienda, after dinner. On average you can only eat mga 3 a day. Or maybe ako lang yan.  Hindi ako ma-lafang. And it's also nakakaumay to eat too much matamis.

So if you find yourself in Paris anytime bukas, I'm sharing a few of my favorites. In MY OPINION, these are the top 10 desserts you must try while you're on vacay.

1. Baba Rum
The rum is really strong and alcoholic but this is a classic, so you should try atleast once. Hindi lang "hint" of flavor ang rum...pang Happy Hour level.

2. Religieuse
Mas bonggang profiterole.
It's  made of two choux pastry cases filled with crème pâtissière.

3. Eclairs
Mas mahabang protiferole.
This is everywhere. The usual ones are mocha, caramel, chocolate and creme...

 What's uso now are the fancy eclairs. Mas eclectic ang flavors.

4. Mille-feuille
Mas bonggang Napoleones (middle). Na try mo na Napoleones from Bacolod?  Yun x 1,000 level.
This is made of layers of puff pastry and lined with crème pâtissière. 

5. Clafoutis
A classic french pie. You must try this because this is rarely available in the Philippines. 
Why is it rarely available? Mahal kasi imported fruits!

6. Tarte Tatin
I don't like the traditional American apple pie but I like Tarte Tatin! How can I not love this dessert? It's gorgeous!

In general, I like all the fruit tartes in France because the fruit toppings are fresh and generous. 

Have you seen the mini tartlets from DeliFrance/Cafe France. Ay sus! kawawa!

7. Tarte Citron
I like mine, preferably with meringue. It's very simple, down to earth but the balance of dairy, sweetness and citric taste is magic. The sophistication is in it's simplicity.

8. Chocolates
There are chocolate stores in just about every corner of Paris. They take chocolates there very seriously. I love having chocolates after dinner together with a cup of coffee.

9. Madeleines
They are like small dainty pieces of heaven. The flavor is very close to, but somewhat lighter than a sponge cake.  Perfect for tea time. Try Financiers as well.

10. Macarons- Tourists line up to try Laudurée. Truth  be told, good macarons are everywhere in Paris.
 I stopped going to. Lauderée when it got too commercial. For me nawala ang charm when it became a chain. Meron pa sa Orly.

Why don't you try this MACARON À L'ANCIENNE by Jean Paul Hévin para maiba.

Oh sya! Feeling ko nagka diabetes na ako writing this.



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