Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Invasion of Dreams

When you have OCD, sleep is the best cure. So, that's what I do. I make sure I sleep a good 8 hours every day. It gives me better perspective. 

However recently, my fears managed to creep into my dreams. I wake up feeling very tired and distressed. 

At least when I'm awake, I can distract myself or keep myself busy. When I'm asleep, I'm forced to watch my own horror movie.

I've had good nights. Last weekend, I dreamt Ted Mosby ( How I Met Your Mother) was my boyfriend. The bad ones involve blood. 

I have ask my parents to pray for me. I feel so helpless! Maybe something is bothering me that I am not fully aware of.

Last night I had no bad dreams. I think that's because my husband put the holy water from Lourdes on my head.

Do you have recurring nightmares too???




  1. I have a fear of being caught unaware or unprepared so my recurring nightmare is getting to school and then finding out that there is an exam I didn't know about. I probably have a fear of being tested too.

    In these nightmares, I would be barefoot or would lose my footwear within the dream, not sure what that means yet.

    Hope you find the peace to sleep soundly :)

    1. I have been having ok dreams for the past 2 days. The holy water helped ha.