Thursday, 24 September 2015

Mooncakes For Family and Friends

Every year, my aunt from HK sends us mooncake. Now that I am married, I decided to follow her footsteps and also send out mooncakes to my other relatives and friends.

Marriage, I feel, makes me an adult and adults start or continue traditions.

So yesterday,  I went to Shoppers in Ongpin to buy all the mooncake I need to mail.

That night I called mama to tell her to expect her mooncake by Saturday. She said...

"I got really nice mooncakes from your brother. The lata is so sosyal. Very beautiful. It's from Shangrila."

I told her na talo ata ako because I just got mine at Shoppers lang for 500 pesos.

She replied, " It's okay, I expected that. Barat ka naman talaga kahit nung bata ka pa."

Kung alam ko lang na impress na sya sa lata, sana I just gathered all the mooncake tin containers at my Inlaws' house.

Tipid tipid,



  1. "Barat ka naman talaga kahit nung bata ka pa" --> Hahaha! How well our parents know us, no ?

    1. Stuck in her head na forever and ever

  2. ang funny ng mom mo!! :) hahahah

    1. I got my sense of humor from her