Tuesday, 22 September 2015

How To Play The Dice Game for the Mooncake Festival

Last year, we got a bit confused with the mechanics and that confusion significantly slowed down the game. Honestly, it got a bit frustrating because it took us a while to mentally process each throw.

So, this year I decided to simplify it for the game master- ME! 

The only thing I need to remember is the number 4. 

To keep it simple and easy to remember: The number Four (4) will govern the games.

CHAMPION: six 4s
Six 1s, pwede rin pero to keep in line with the simplified theme, 4 nalang.

First Place: four 4s + higher numbers

Second Place: All six numbers.  1,2,3,4,5,6

Third Place: four of ANY number except 4

Fourth Place: three 4s + ANY other numbers

Fifth Place:  two 4s+ ANY other numbers

Sixth Place:  one 4 + other numbers

For the prizes I will buy the hopia set. Apparently, according to Tsinoyfoodies, there is really a hopia set for the dice game.

For the dice,  I got mine at National Bookstore.

Busy memorizing,



  1. Get the dice na red yung 4s! Easier! Hihihi...
    Tara, organize tayo ng Dice game!

    1. Wala sa national e. Isang stock Lang. Punta ka sa bahay sa Saturday.