Thursday, 24 September 2015

Give Him Space And Sleep On It

Last night, my husband was upset at me. I forgot my Ipad charger and phone in Binondo.  AGAIN! 

This is not the first time I have forgotten stuff. In fact my mother said in Ilonggo..."If wala gatapik putay mo, nadula mo na ina".  In English, "If your vagina is not attached to your body, you will surely lose it."

Basta, I'm notorious for leaving stuff here and there. I'll share a story...

One time, My husband drove us through the horrible ROXAS BLVD traffic to drop me off at a company event. When we got there, I realized I left my wallet and he had to drive back to Unilever in Paco! 

Understandably, he is very sick and tired of this bad habit.

So, last night he just wasn't in the mood to tolerate it. He refused to pray with me and he just slept on his corner.

I just gave him space. I could've easily snapped too...but I was not in the mood. It was already 11 in the evening. 

We slept far apart.

At around 4 am, I felt him hugged me. I'm not sure it that's out of sleep walking.  

When we woke up this morning, he was already talking to me. It's as if nothing happened. 

I realize...lot of the small fights we have had, started from a small issue. One gets agitated and the other gets defensive. BOOM! WARLA! 

The quote of Harper Lee, "Things are always better in the morning" came to my mind. My shrink once told me that if I have my OCD attacks, I just have to pop in sedatives and sleep. She said, "Sleep calms you down and brings better perspective. It significantly reduces anxiety."

So, next time you are your husband get into a fight. Give him space and sleep on it. Not sleep on top of him ha! 

Feeling better,



  1. Giving each other space works for us too. Pero you might be on to something on the sleeping on top of him part, baka mas mabilis ma resolve ;)

    My shoti is the same as you, parating nakakalimot and when my parents talk about him, they say na if his penis isn't attached, he'll surely lose it. Natawa ako sobra to hear a girl-version of this mantra/sermon.

    1. It sounds very funny in ilonggo!
      Ay my husband has an emotional genital. If upset yan, in protest din yang genitals yan,

  2. Ay may kwento ako sayo!!! Hahahahahaha....