Monday, 28 September 2015

Pua Tiong Chiu 2015

This year I celebrated with my mini family, that includes one college friend, my brother and ofcourse my husband. 

I have learned in my many years of hosting parties that you don't need that many guests. You can have 20 boring people and the party will still be boring. 

Hosting a party doesn't mean that you have to entertain everyone. You can choose your guestlist wisely in such a way that the guests will entertain each other.

Sadly, most of my friends are OFWS and are all working abroad. I only have 2 ilonggo friends left in Manila and one had to work. Nevertheless, even with only 2 guests we had so much fun! My brother and Joy have known each other for more than 15 years. 

Sadly, my husband couldn't understand us so he felt out of place. That's okay. I wasn't bothered. I feel out of place everytime I am with his family and they all speak Chinese anyway. So weather weather lang di ba!

And the best part was, no one was on the phone. I really hate it when you invite people to your house and they spend most of their time texting. I have only experienced it once and I have never invited those people ever again.

My friends in Singapore celebrated the mooncake festival by lighting and hanging lanterns. How did you celebrate yours?



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