Friday, 21 February 2014

Day 5: Up in the Air

One of the saddest moments in my life was when I got my silver kris flyer card. This was a downgrade from my Gold Elite Status. I got downgraded after 5 years of living the life.

Whoever thought of the Elite Flyer concept is a genius. This is the most visual way to show that you are above everyone else. I have enough self awareness to humbly admit to this vanity.

It starts with a gold tag that you attach to your bag. Upon seeing your card, corporate travelers automatically deduce that you must an important person to travel that often.

Then to make it more obvious, there is a different counter for gold and PPS/ million milers. Your luggage also gets a red priority tag and comes out first in the conveyor belt. This saved me a lot of time in the past.

The best part of being a gold elite is having access to the lounge! Free buffet! Free flowing coffee! Free magazines! Free flowing Alcohol!!!

As I write this in the MIASCOR lounge, S chirps in to ask "Don't they have cheese?" I just roll my eyes. Cheese?  MIASCOR Lounge? Shattap and eat your lugaw.

Going back to my glorious days!

I can't accurately describe the  feeling when upon boarding, they get your green boarding pass and replace it with a blue one. 

This means you have been upgraded to business class. This happened to be around 5x and the feeling was extraordinarily amazing! I wanted to scream and jump up and down on those 5 occasions. No kidding! Ofcourse I didn't. Vanity forbids you to show enthusiasm.

How do you achieve the elite status?

One needs to rack up 50,000 miles in 3 years to be a gold elite flyer. Easy Peasy, right? Not quite! To maintain your gold status, you need to rack up 50,000 miles in 1 year or else you go down to silver.

Ever since I came back, I haven't been traveling that much.

 I miss living out of my suitcase. I miss airports, however  stressful they are. I miss staying in hotels and collecting toiletries.

I'm love the life up in the skies. If I travel on business class, I make sure I don't sleep so that I can enjoy everything it has to offer. 

How can you not love traveling on business class? Look at these seats!

My GBF won't sit beside me because all throughout the flight I ask for chocolates, cookies, milk. You name it!


Such was my life then. For now, I'll go back to my lugaw and avoid coffee so that I can sleep and dream that I'm still flying business class.

Someday, if I give birth to many sons, perhaps my husband will make me travel first class.

Still on Pause,


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