Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Day 3: Finally, The Tearful Good Bye

Today I say good bye to my outlook.

Relationships run out of love but my outlook never runs out of mails.  

Everyday it cheerfully serves me atleast 70 emails for breakfast.

My fiancĂ© occasionally forgets to send me an SMS or two  through out the day. BUT never my outlook! My beloved outlook never fails to send me messages every hour.

Outlook has allowed me to make friends in different parts of the world. 

Unfortunately, it also gave me my share of annoyances.

Emails, while efficient, have limitations in conveying tones and emotions. If you want to be safe, add a lot of emoticons to get your feelings across. 

:) I'm nice, seeee

 :( oooppss I'm sorry

:o  oh no what did you do!

: / errr

: |  do I look like I care?

Many people have witnessed my LQ with outlook. I screamed when it hanged. I cried when it hanged.  I got mild strokes when it crashed.

I'm sad that no one will greet me when I get back from this long trip. No more 600 or so emails awaiting my return.

Bye outlook, my life will be empty without you.

Still on pause,



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