Sunday, 23 February 2014

Day 7: Design Hotels

I'm sucker for unique and or fancy pansy hotels. Bad hotels can make me cry. I've walked out of quite a couple, including Manila hotel back in 2004. 

This love for Design, Charming, Luxury and Resort hotels was developed and cultivated by my GBF. Note that those 4 are different from each other, atleast by my own standards.

Example of Charming:

Example of Luxury: 

I usually associate this with Business. I don't feel relaxed in these types of hotels. Most often that not, these types of hotels are located in the city center.

Example of a Resort-y hotels. You never need to leave the hotel premises! Ideal for relaxation and procreation.

I would classify the Safari Reserve hotels in Africa under resorty and luxury. 

Going Back to the subject of this blog!

Because I am scared to travel by myself, we ended up traveling together and he would never tolerate ugly accommodations. He'd say , "we didn't travel so far to live in misery"

Much of my appreciation of the finer things in life actually came from him. 

Thank heavens, I found a man who shares the same sentiments and a man who can afford to support my only vices:  "comfortable" habitation and (very) good food. 

To be honest, when your best friend is gay, it's hard for a boyfriend to keep up with the taste that you would have developed during the friendship. The level of knowledge on "other"matters can be also daunting, if not entirely shocking. I won't expound on the latter, but let's just say I took S on a tour of the shops in the red light district. I tried to remember the things my GBF taught me on my first trip back in 2009.

In that same year, my GBF brought me to one of the coolest hotels I've ever seen. And in my years of traveling, I've never seen anything close to it yet.

Since then, this hotel has won many accolades. 

I'm so happy to be back!

I have so many cool pictures! It's still as gorgeous as it was when I first came here.

AND THE ROOMS!!! That deserves an entry in itself.

For now, I'm off to breakfast! 

Still On Pause,


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  1. I've actually seen this in design sites. Cool! Take lots and lots of pictures!