Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Day 2: A Hidden Coffee Shop

If there is one thing I know about pleasure it's this: To extend the pleasure you get from one thing, you must have intermittent exposure to it. Prolonged exposure creates normalcy.

For Day 2, I decided to get my pleasure from a secret coffee shop. Curator, tucked away in a wine bar, reveals itself only to those who seek it. And no! I didn't drink wine at 10 am!

I've seen their pop up store in Archives but never really found the time to enjoy a cup of coffee. When I had a job, I would wake  up 7:45 and leave for work by 8:30. I never really had time to enjoy a good breakfast. Plus, I didn't realize that it's just a pop up shop and they have a real one hidden. 

The place reminds me of the coffee shops in New York, rough on the edges. The interior design is industrial but softened by wood and flower and fruits accents. I'm not an expert on interiors but I know enough to say that I like this

I ordered the breakfast set for 280 bux. Boohoo they don't accept cards! Buti nalang I have some cash.

Breakfast set comes with coffee and I chose t#YKW Coffee Roasters.  Now, I have been drinking coffee since I was in highschool, to the point that I am already acidic. However, I still can't pick up notes the same way I can detect notes in wines.

Good thing Gian came by to educate me. First, she asked me to describe the coffee. I said, it's medium bodied (it has milk), medium acidity (it has milky) and slightly fruity (for the third time it has milk). Why the "milk" comments? Well, you can't really assess wine accurately if you've added coke or water to it.

Gian said the coffee I'mhaving is a blend of Ethiopia and. Rwanda. African coffees are usually fruity and acidic. If a coffee is acidic, it means that it's fresh. I didn't know this!

 They can't cook in the kitchen, so food is simple. The croissant is sourced from wild flour. It's okay.

How many pleasure points for curator? 3. They seriously need more food in the menu.

How about you, What's your source of pleasure today?

Still on pause,

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