Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Day 9: Rijks Museum

Okay, so we don't like art very much. 

I believe art can come in many forms like:

- food
- interior design/ living spaces
- flowers
- opera
- architecture 

I haven't really developed the appreciation for paintings yet. So much so that I have been to Paris 3 times in the span of 3 years and yet I've never been inside the Louvre.

So here we are at the Rijks Museum. We initially planned to see the work of Rembrandt and go next door and check out the work of Van Gough. unfortunately, it's more comfortable to enjoy our drinks rather than fall in line. Look at the line!

The line for the Anne Frank Museum is so much longer and colder!!

The Rijksmuseum is such an impressive building. the 10 year renovation that cost 375mio euros just ended last April 2013.

Yes, the Dutch are rich. They have been a trading country for ages. Currently, their tax rate is around 50%, according to my former-Dutch boss. I'd be more than willing to pay 50% in taxes if we have museums like this!

How can I refuse not lounging around in this beautiful coffee shop

Still on Pause,


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