Thursday, 20 February 2014

Day 4: Unfit Mother

As I prepare for my trip, I can't help but feel what an unfit mother I will turn out to be. 

Look at my "survival kit"!

And it's not even because I'm trying to save money.  I've been to Europe a number of times that I know by day 5 my veins will craving for MSG.

 I can't survive on olive oil, salt and pepper and bread. Neither can S. Infact more so S! He paid 20 euros for sweet and sour pork in Paris!  Then he had Thai food in Napa and RamenS in New York.

This time, I will come prepared for our MSG fix!

Gosh! If I have these unhealthy  cravings how can I be a champion for healthy eating when I have kids! How can I make them avoid chips and fast food?

MSG is such an addiction.

I better get this out of my system really soon.

Still On Pause,



  1. How in the world you stay so thin is beyond me. Pero yeah, better shake off this unhealthy habit. Do it gradually so that the cravings can be manageable.

    1. I run :) and I pray a lot. Hay thus habit is so hard to shake off but I must try