Saturday, 22 February 2014

Intermission: Mr. Morgan's Last Love (movie)

This is a sad story about an American Widow in Paris who meets and develops a relationship with a young french dance teacher.

It is easy to assume at the start of the movie that it's going to be a love story between Mr. Morgan and Pauline. However, as the story unfolds, it doesn't seem to be the case. He actually misses his wife and his life is empty without her. Pauline is just a reminder.

I cried 3/4 of the time. S held my hand, wiped my tears and then started laughing. He doesn't know that I felt so sad because I know time will come that we will grow old and eventually our health will fail us.  I can imagine us going through it together. But for the life of me, I don't think I can survive without him. Most likely, I'll end up as Mr. Morgan. 

This is the reason why I feel so much about death. It seems inevitable. It's just a question of when and who goes first.

This is a story about the one who gets left behind. 

The movie didn't have any breakthrough cinematography. But what it lacked in special effects, it made up for it though smart dialogues and brilliant acting. Michael Cane did most of his acting though his eyes. It was so powerful.

To the idiot who classified this movie as Drama/Comedy, I hate you! My eyes are swollen thanks to you!



  1. This made me think about my mom. It is very painful to lose my dad but I just can't imagine how it feels to watch the love of your life slowly fade away each month and to finally see him draw his last breath. The pain must be so devastating and heart-wrenching.

    Yet, it is something that she has to endure because she must. So I guess, we won't know just how strong we are until the situation calls for it.

    1. I actually thought of your mom when I watched the movie. I don't recommend you watch this movie as it may open wounds that are starting to heal.
      It' was so wonderfully done. the sadness, the monotony, the emptiness of his life without her was captured with so much realism despite it being compressed into a few minutes per moment. Some may say that the movie is boring but that's exactly how his life probably feels without her.